Odyssey Charter School Support

Donate or Volunteer Opportunities
Odyssey Parents are being asked to take a proactive stance in their child’s education by participating in school related activities and functions. By being involved, parents will help strengthen the important partnership between the family and the school for their child’s success. In order to achieve this, parents are asked to commit to participating in these areas:

Academic Support - Providing students support in their studies is a primary form of involvement all families can play a crucial role in. Being able to nurture a child’s learning allows families to further understand their child’s learning and developmental process.

Building Community - Forming part of the Odyssey Charter School community enables all of us to become partners in education. Parents, families, and relatives are invited to attend at least three of our Odyssey Traditional Events.  Check our Calendar to find the dates of the next events.

Donating - Click on our Donations page to find out how you and your friends and families can donate to help Odyssey continue to provide your children with an enriched education.

Volunteering - Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, by staffing an Odyssey Event, and/or by becoming involved in the Odyssey Parent Participation Group (OPPG). These involvement opportunities will enable parents to be engaged in the happenings in their child’s classroom and school.  Download our Volunteer Packet here.


Upcoming Events