OCS Room Parents

Supporting our teachers, our children, and our community.


Welcome to our Room Parents Page! Each classroom has at least one Lead Room Parent and at least one Support Room Parent to provide important communication and assistance to Teachers and Families. 

The main responsibility of a LEAD Room Parent is to act as a liaison between the teacher and parents, and to keep families updated with important information and upcoming school and classroom events. He/she meets with the teacher on a regular basis to find out what is needed.

The main responsibilty of a SUPPORT Room Parent is to assist the Lead Room Parent in any way needed. 

Our next Room Parent Meeting is:

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 8:30am in the Tom Sawyer Bungalow.


Important Dates:

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For questions or comments, please contact My Linh Le, Room Parent Chair, at missmylinh@hotmail.com.