Support from our parent volunteers around campus is one of the key partnerships in the success of the Odyssey Charter School Community. 

We welcome all new and existing parents to volunteer to assist in our classrooms, around campus, on field trips, and at school events. 

To assist us in protecting the safety of our students, in order to volunteer on campus you must have current Tuberculosis Risk Assessment/ or Test* clearance and a completed Volunteer Profile.

Volunteers outside of direct supervision of an employee are required to have Live Scan clearance and shall submit to background checks, fingerprinting and pass Megan's Law Requirements.  Volunteers are responsible for the cost of background checks and fingerprinting.  For families who are eligible to receive free or reduced price meals, OCS will have scholarships available to cover or minimize this cost.

Your approved documentation will be kept on file for as long as you are a part of the Odyssey Community. TB Risk Assessment/ or Tests are required to be updated every 4 years. 

*Livescan can be completed at Pasadena Livescan Service- 708 N. Marengo Ave. Suite A, Pasadena CA 91103 (626) 792-2185  ( Odyssey Charter School is not affiliated with this service center -Fees are assessed by vendor.)

TB Risk Assessment/Test: Your Physician will determine if you require a TB test. Please have your physician complete the enclosed TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Certificate of Completion.