Art at Odyssey

This year all K-6 students will have art class once every other week in the Art Bungalow. Middle School students will have the opportunity to choose Art as one of their Electives, which take place three times per week for a trimester. Art classes will follow a Choice-Based Art pedagogy, which is centered on the following tenets:

  • The student is the artist

  • Students control subject matter, materials, approach

  • Student beliefs drive work

  • Students are self-motivated

  • Experimentation and mistakes are honored

Choice-Based Art originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Art with an organization of art educators called Teaching for Artistic Behavior (http://teachingforartisticbehavior.org). This approach to teaching art allows children to work as professional artists do, exploring their own ideas and interests while learning about a wide range of art mediums, concepts, techniques and histories.

Choice-Based Art classes at OCS will begin with discussion about a particular artist, art historical movement, technique, concept or theme. Collaboration with classroom teachers will enrich the themes we study and help students make connections to other subject areas. Students will have the opportunity to respond to the discussion or follow their own path of inquiry, choosing subject matter, medium, and process for themselves. Self-reflection and non-judgmental critiques will help develop observation skills and evaluate the work produced.

More important than producing good looking art, the primary goal in a Choice-Based Art classroom is to develop artistic behaviors and habits of mind that children can bring with them into everything they do. The art classroom is an excellent place to build critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills, as well as develop initiative, flexibility, and leadership.  



Classroom Art Library

Thanks to parent donations, we are building a classroom library that students can use for research and inspiration. If you are interested in donating, you can find the OCS Arts Library Wishlist with specific book titles on www.amazon.com under Wishlists. Search using the email address nicolec@ocsmail.org


We need knee socks and long men's socks in neutral colors and patterns for a kindergarten project! Please drop off your donations outside the art bungalow.  


Volunteers provide essential support in the art classroom, especially on messy project days!

If you are interested in volunteering in the Art Bungalow this year, please fill out a volunteer packet.


A schedule for volunteering will go out in late October or early November, once students have gotten settled into the art classroom routine.

Thank you for all that you do to support Art at Odyssey!

Ms. Nicole, Art Teacher nicolec@ocsmail.org