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Where will our journey lead?  Help us CREATE the adventure!

ARTS Odyssey encourages parent/guardian volunteers to work in conjunction with OCS teachers to share visual and performing arts experiences with students. Through outreach, grants and donations, we seek hands-on opportunities and performances/demonstrations for our students with visiting artists, arts organizations, museums and neighboring community. In addition we would like to continue to help educate and encourage teachers in integrating the arts in the classroom to teach the core academic curriculum in order to better achieve both the academic excellence and encourage the love of learning we seek at OCS.


Contribute to the arts!

Help us bring visual arts, dance, music, and theater to our children.

Do you have any ideas or talents you would like to share with our children? Create a relationship with a teacher(s); offer support in bringing projects or other volunteers into the classroom. Contact ARTS Odyssey for ideas, to ask questions or for successful strategies.

If you have materials (art supplies, old costumes, set displays, musical instruments) you would like to donate to our kids, please contact our ARTS Bungalow Supervisor.


OCS Enrichments

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