Enrollment Policy

Effective December 2016

Odyssey is committed to offering parents an alternative public school choice. As such, we aim to help parents make an informed decision about whether Odyssey is an appropriate option for their children and whether their family can support the school and its policies. Odyssey uses non-discriminatory processes and actively recruits a diverse student population from the communities it serves. Additionally, Odyssey will adhere to the provisions of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and ensure the child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children and youths. The school’s admission policy follows our goal of ensuring the school attracts, retains, and graduates a diverse student body.

Enrollment in Odyssey Charter School will be open to any resident of the State of California. Kindergarten students must be at least five years old on or before September 1 of the year for which admission is sought. Should Odyssey receive more applications for admission than it has capacity, a public random drawing (“lottery”) will be held, utilizing admissions preferences as enumerated below. The lottery is a public event which will be held each spring for enrollment in the fall term of the given year; the lottery will be conducted by the Director of Operations.


Application Process

All prospective parents must first complete the Application Process by attending an Enrollment Tour at the desired campus and returning the completed Application Form by the established open enrollment deadline[1]. Odyssey’s Enrollment Tours for the following school year begin September 1st and continue through March 1st. Odyssey offers day tours, evening tours and weekend tours. This is the first step in the Application Process for new families.

The next step in the Application Process is the lottery, which is held, if necessary, at the close of the open enrollment period, and serves to determine admission to Odyssey. The lottery will be held by grade level. Existing students of the School who submit a timely Intent to Continue Enrollment Form will be guaranteed enrollment for the following year at their current campus. Admissions preferences will be offered in the following order:

  1. Children of current Odyssey employees who apply for the campus where the employee works
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled Odyssey students who apply for the same campus their sibling attends
  3. Students who are eligible to receive free or reduced price lunch
  4. Students who are currently enrolled in or reside in the attendance area of a public elementary school where an Odyssey campus is located
  5. All other students

The drawing, executed by grade level, will determine enrollment for the fall, and it will establish a waiting list, in the order in which applications are drawn, once all the openings are filled. If new openings occur during the school year, children will be enrolled, in order, from the waiting list. It is the responsibility of the families on the waiting list to inform the School of any changes in contact information. Families will be given 3 business days to respond to a phone call regarding an opening. If there is no response within 3 business days, the School will contact the next person on the waiting list. Once the waiting list is exhausted, if spaces remain, enrollment for the remainder of the school year will be on a first come, first served basis after completion of the Application Process, including the mandatory Enrollment Tour.

All admitted students will receive an Enrollment Form, which includes a list of required documents. The Enrollment Form must be returned to the School by the specified date or the child(ren) will forfeit enrollment for that school year. All required documents must be received by the established deadline(s) or the student will no longer be enrolled for the school year and the School will enroll the next student(s) on the waiting list.

In addition to the Enrollment Form, parents must sign the Parent/Student Agreement, which serves to (at a minimum):

  1. Acknowledge they understand and value the School’s vision and the distinctive characteristics of the educational program as described in the Charter; and agree to adhere to the School’s policies and procedures
  2. Affirm their commitment to actively participate in their child’s education both at school and at home.
  3. Acknowledge they have read and discussed the expectations as a family and agree to work together to achieve those expectations.

Unless the School office has been notified in advance, students who are not in attendance by noon on the first day of school will forfeit their enrollment and the next student on the appropriate Waiting List will be notified.



Given that enrollment in Odyssey is a “parent choice,” transportation to and from school will be the sole responsibility of the parent and will not be provided by Odyssey, except in specific cases where transportation may be otherwise mandated by law.


[1] New families seeking admission for the 2017-2018 school year may attend an Enrollment Tour at the current Odyssey campus, even if they desire admission to the new Odyssey campus.