Dave Cullen
6th Grade Teacher

dcullen/documents/FirstTrimesterCurriculumGuide-Mr.Cullen1.pdf Here is a link that details our exciting curriculum in the first trimester.  Enjoy!!!
It was great meeting with everyone during ILP conferences.  Please e-mail me if we have not yet met, and we can arrange a convenient time for you.
It was great seeing everyone on Stone Soup Day!!  Thank you for sending in ingredients.  Our soup turned out great.  I hope everyone had some time off to relax!!!

Sixth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Superstar Sixth Graders

I continue to be so impressed with both classes of sixth graders.  They are extremely kind people who treat each other well and have fun being in class together!!!

The students work hard, listen well, and put forth an honest effort each day.  I love taking them out for Friday soccer!!  It is so enjoyable to see them running, laughing, joking and having a great time being at school.  Families, thank you for all that you do!!!!!

Dave Cullen