Dave Cullen
6th Grade Teacher

dcullen/documents/FirstTrimesterCurriculumGuide-Mr.Cullen1.pdf Here is a link that details our exciting curriculum in the first trimester.  Enjoy!!!
Field Trip-Skirball Friday, January 22----8:15-2:15
Below is a link to the 2nd trimester curriculum/syllabus:



Class Highlights:

Book club groups are reading:

Outsiders, Romeo and Juliet, Color of Water, The Twits, Wringer, Hope was Here, Song of the Trees, and Tangerine to name a few.

Writers have studied teen activists:  Malala, Alex Lin, and Rachel Parent and have taken notes and written reactions to their work.  Students will research burning questions along the way.

Written conventions:  we have studied rules of apostrophes.

Read Aloud:  We continue with The Girl Who Could Fly.